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Dear Customers, This Terms and Conditions Agreement of the www.kulen.hr Web Store defines the relationship between you as a customer and Icon Innovate j.d.o.o. as a seller.

1. General Terms: The website www.kulen.hr is owned by Icon innovate j.d.o.o. The company uses the services and content of the website www.kulen.hr, which is governed by these terms of use. The Terms of Use prescribe the terms for end users and refer to the use of the website www.kulen.hr. By using the Website, end users indicate that they agree to the general terms of use and agree to use the www.kulen.hr Web site in accordance with them. Access to the www.kulen.hr website may sometimes be inaccessible due to the operation, maintenance or introduction of new content, and in contingencies beyond the control of Icon Innovate j.d.o.o. which we will try to eliminate as soon as possible. All photos, images and content displayed on this site are protected by Icon Innovate j.d.o.o. reserves the sole right to use it. It is forbidden to publicly display, transmit, publish, modify, reproduce, distribute, participate in the transfer or sale, copy, upload and any other use of the full content of these pages or one of their parts and to select and harmonize their content without the express written permission of Icon innovate jdoo The content of this site is copyrighted by Icon innovate j.d.o.o., and this site contains trademarks, names of individuals and other similar intellectual property of the company mentioned above. Icon innovate j.d.o.o. undertakes to comply with legitimate laws in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. It is expressly forbidden to use someone else's registration or account. It is expressly forbidden, in any way, to use the online store www.kulen.hr to send or encourage the spread of unwanted electronic communications (so-called spamming). For violating the terms of this chapter, Icon Innovate j.d.o.o. reserves the right, in accordance with the discretion, to deny registration or terminate an account without the obligation to compensate the user for any costs or damage.

2. Basic Concepts: The customers of the store can be all legal and natural persons. If the information about the legal entity is entered in the user data, then the legal entity is registered as the buyer and the natural person whose data is entered is considered the authorized person of the buyer.

3. Personal information and business acumen: Customers are all adults and capable persons who accept these terms. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information entered during registration. If there is a change in the information entered in the registration, the registered user can access his account, update the information in a timely manner and notify us of changes that have occurred. Icon innovate j.d.o.o. undertakes to protect customer information and to use it solely for the purpose of fulfilling the contractual sales obligations. The customer can access his account and his data at any time and change general information and password access. Icon innovate j.d.o.o. is obliged to deliver in accordance with the customer's requirements for trade according to the information specified by the customer in his account or when ordering the product.

Price 4: Icon innovate j.d.o.o. it is obligatory to state clearly, easily and legibly the amount of the retail price in accordance with Article 7 of the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette 41/14). Prices expressed on the Kulen.hr online store are the prices of items per piece (the system calculates the final price with VAT depending on the selected item and the corresponding weight). All prices are officially expressed in Croatian national currency, HRK, Croatian Kuna (Kn), with VAT being the final price for domestic orders as well as for all orders abroad, and through the online conversion application using Shopify exchange rate changes , it is possible to check information prices in other currencies such as Euro, US Dollars, etc. In the case of transfer payments, payment and / or interbank transaction costs are not included in the price. Icon innovate j.d.o.o. will periodically, in accordance with its decision, place certain products for sale at a price below the price of those products on a regular sale and take measures to clearly and easily indicate and mark the duration of the Sale. After the sale deadline, Icon innovates j.d.o.o. will not receive orders under conditions relating to the sale of an expired stock exchange.


Product data at www.kulen.hr is compiled on the basis of the Icon innovate jdoo database, product images are illustrative and may not always correspond products subject to the order in all details. Icon of innovation j.d.o.o. emphasizes in particular that the visual identity of the product depicted in the photograph does not necessarily correspond to the product's appearance in reality, especially given the monitor settings on the customer's computer, differences in color perception that the customer sees on the screen, and the like. In the case of the above discrepancy between the products shown in the photograph and the products supplied, this is not a defect in the product. Product data (Product description, prices, etc.) displayed on www.kulen.hr are subject to errors, irregularities in the request, other technical irregularities, typographical errors, etc. In the case of obvious defects or defects in the product information shown on www. coolen.hr, Icon innovate jdoo reserves the right to terminate the contract unilaterally. Only products for which they are available in the warehouse and visible on the online point of sale may be the subject of the order. Due to the large number of orders submitted simultaneously at www.kulen.hr, it may be that product availability information is not identical to the stock situation of Icon innovate j.d.o.o. If the product ordered is not available in stock, Icon innovate j.d.o.o. will inform the buyer that the product is currently unavailable, the time within which the product is available, and at the same time offer the opportunity to purchase alternative products from www.kulen.hr, which is available for delivery and which in its characteristics is closest to the product that cannot be delivered. > company directory 6. CONTRACT ORDER AND CURRENCY PROCEDURE

Products are ordered by selecting, using the menu and filling in the electronic form. The buyer can order and purchase the product as a registered or unregistered user. A product is considered to be ordered when the customer goes through the entire ordering process.

Payment for ordered products can be made in the following ways: cash (only in Croatia), via transfer, credit / debit card. < / span>

Order Received:

-in case of payment by credit / debit card through online store-at the moment when www.kulen.hr receives pre-authorization confirmation or approval of the card buyer for the order amount

- in case of payment by bank transfer, credit / debit card on delivery and delivery - when www.kulen.hr receives the order electronically < br>

At the time of order receipt, Icon Innovate jdoo notify the customer electronically, in the form of an email, that the order has been received or that the product has been successfully ordered. If the customer does not receive the notification from the previous paragraph, it is recommended that you check:

-Spam files in your email account

-Inbox and Unable to receive new mail

- Are the items in the cart after signing on www.kulen.hr, and if not, the buyer must repeat the ordering process

In case of payment by credit / a debit card through an online store, it is considered that the contract was concluded when www.kulen.hr receives a certificate of pre-authorization or authorization of the customer card for the amount of the order, and when an employee of Icon innovate jdoo when checking the warehouse of the goods, it confirms that the ordered product is available in the warehouse. After the product is packed in storage, Icon innovates j.d.o.o. electronically, in the form of an email, he will inform the buyer that he has purchased the product and that the product has been sent.

In the case of payment by bank transfer, the contract is considered to have been concluded at the time when Icon innovate jdoo receives confirmation that the order amount has been paid.

If the product has been ordered and the payment method is selected, the Icon innovate j.d.o.o. is obliged to reserve the product in stock for 7 working days, not including Saturday. After 7 business days of receiving the order, Icon innovate j.d.o.o. does not guarantee product availability.

Icon innovate j.d.o.o. reserves the right to return the ordered goods into circulation (payable during pickup) for 7 days from the moment of order, if the buyer is not at the specified address or for some reason is not present or the goods have not been ordered at a location defined by the delivery service.

If payment by bank transfer is selected as a form of payment, payment is made by valid details received from the merchant and www.kulen.hr due to possible shortage of goods in the warehouse informs the buyer within the appropriate time period and returns the paid funds. In the event of the above payment, the buyer will be responsible and bear the risk of the accuracy and veracity of the information provided, as www.kulen.hr will give a refund in accordance with the above information. Icon innovate j.d.o.o. will reserve the product in stock for 3 business days, not including Saturday.


Products can be ordered for delivery within the territory of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union, subject to the conditions applicable to each delivery area.

Delivery to the territory of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union is done through the delivery service selected by Icon innovate jdoo

Product packaging is included in the delivery price. Delivery is not included in the price of the product unless otherwise indicated (stands for "free shipping"). Icon innovate j.d.o.o. shall deliver the ordered product within 30 days from the date of conclusion of the contract for. Delivery is made in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of the delivery service and is considered to have been made at the time of delivery of the product to the delivery service.

When Icon innovate j.d.o.o. makes delivery via the delivery service to the buyer or consignee, the buyer or consignee is required to accept the signature on the invoice, confirming that the product has been shipped correctly.


Ordered products are packaged in such a way that they cannot be damaged by normal traffic / delivery manipulations.

After receiving the goods, the order details must be verified, and the buyer is obliged to compare the received items with the invoice, if something is missing, he is obliged to file an appeal immediately as subsequent claims will not be accepted.

If the packaging of the item has any visible damage / defects, we recommend that the buyer refuse to receive it as there is a possibility that the product within such package is damaged. By denying receipt, delivery will return the shipment to Icon Innovate j.d.o.o. noting that the shipment contains a defect. In case of return of goods, the buyer is obliged to give a justified complaint to Icon innovate j.d.o.o. by e-mail at ilija@kulen.hr or by phone at + 385915399999 or in writing (objected address), and Icon innovate j.d.o.o. undertakes to reply within 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint in accordance with Article 10.5. Consumer Protection Act.

The buyer has the right to return the goods in the following cases:

-sent goods not ordered

-Delivery of Expired Goods

-Support for Goods that Have Error or Damage Did Not Occur In Transportation

In case of a justified claim, the contract may be terminated with a subsidy of the amount paid or a replacement for a valid, undamaged and valid product. Icon innovate j.d.o.o. shall accept the return of damaged, defective or incorrectly delivered goods at its own expense if the claim is found to be justified and the accuracy, damage or any scarcity of the goods has not been affected by the purchaser. If justified, the replacement cost of the product with the new product must be fully borne by Icon Innovate j.d.o.o.


The buyer may unilaterally terminate the contract within 14 days without giving reasons.

The buyer is not entitled to unilaterally terminate the contract:

- If the object of the contract is sealed goods which, for health or hygiene reasons, are not fit for return, if unsealed after delivery,

- If the object of the contract is goods which, by their nature, after delivery, are inseparably mixed with other things,

- If the object of the contract is simply perishable goods or goods whose expiry date expires rapidly. In order for a buyer to exercise the right to terminate this contract unilaterally, he must notify his decision to unilaterally terminate the contract before the deadline, by unambiguous statement by mail (to the complaint address), stating his name, address, telephone number, fax or e-mail address. -Mail can also use the attached sample form. The unilateral termination of a 14-day contract begins on the date on which the buyer or a third party designated by the buyer, except for the carrier, the goods which are the subject of the contract are put into possession.

If the buyer unilaterally terminates this agreement, Icon Innovate jdoo shall undertake to repay the money received, including delivery charges, without delay, and no later than 14 days from the date on which the proof is furnished that the goods have been sent back. The refund will be made in the same way as the payment.

The buyer is obliged to deliver or send the goods (to the address addressed to the complaint) without undue delay, and in any case not later than 14 days from the date of the buyer's purchase. sent his decision to unilaterally terminate the contract.

The direct cost of returning the goods is borne personally by the buyer. The buyer is responsible for any reduction in the value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods, except what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods


By using the services on our web site www.kulen.hr, you agree to these terms of sale. If you do not agree to the terms, do not use these sites or order products through them. This web site contains information about products and services of www.kulen.hr and serves as an electronic selling point-web shop. Icon innovate j.d.o.o. shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of this Website and the use of information from this Website for purposes beyond the scope of their intended purpose.


By accepting these terms and conditions of sale, the buyer agrees to the terms and accepts that they form an integral part of the contract.

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