Why Kulen.hr

Kulen.hr is an online store of high quality traditional and indigenous Croatian products. On our site, users can always find selected Croatian delicacies of top quality and proven manufacturers.

The idea came about years ago, where our business was more about catering and retail. Namely, we designed and managed the project of the restaurant "Divlja Baranja" and for over 6 years we brought Baranja specialties closer to the citizens of the city of Zagreb. From traditional fish dishes, indispensable cured meats to complex Baranja and Slavonia dishes, they were on our menu.

 Divlja Baranja Restaurant by Kulen.hr

Next to the restaurant, we opened a retail outlet in the center of Kaptol - "Kulenarnica by Kulen.hr", where we also offered the products and delicacies offered at the restaurant to retail customers. After the successful start of the blessed and by our godfather Miroslav Skora, we saw that the people of Zagreb love the traditional dishes of Eastern Croatia and that there is a lot of space in this market.

 Miroslav Skoro at Kulen.hr

Experience with our suppliers in previous ventures, including, first of all, the delicacies we presented to our customers in Zagreb this time, we want to translate into a modern story of an online shop (web shop). The idea is to offer traditional Slavonia and Baranja products to all interested buyers from Croatia, not just the city of Zagreb. Therefore, the ordering and delivery of all items will be available in the whole of Croatia, as well as in the EU member states, which turns us into an interesting showcase of traditional and indigenous products from Croatia.

The advantage of Kulen.hr online store is reflected in great experience we have with many suppliers with whom we have worked in the restaurant "Divlja Baranja" and shop "Kulenarnica by Kulen.hr" and the ability to choose the best and highest quality products from the aforementioned regions.

Croatian traditional products

To begin with, we start with the items that are the basis of this delicacy offering, namely kulen, kulen ax, sausage, bacon and ham, and we will slowly introduce additional items all indigenous small producers delicacies.

We wish everyone a good and truly hopeful all new customers will be able to get to know our traditional products this way, and those who already know them well will have a safe place to buy from proven manufacturers.

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